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Firebrand Creative

Missoula, Montana, USA

As Montana’s first and only global agency, Firebrand Creative collaborates with the change-makers, the mission-driven and the community-focused, creating exceptional solutions to real problems and helping remarkable businesses make their mark. Any marketing agency can build you a website, put together a logo or suggest a paid media solution. But can they give you the boldness blueprint that will transform your growth?

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The Fritter Shop

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

The Fritter Shop brings a fresh flavour to what dessert can be. All of the fritters are made fresh daily with ingredients from Ontario suppliers. The distinctive dough and custard — and passion for quality — are the secrets that set Kelvins fritters apart.

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Wander Public Relations

Miami, Florida, USA

Wander exists because they have a knack for finding inspiring clients and sharing every one of their stories with the world. What inspires the folks at Wander? Foreign coins and friendly bellhops. Slow rides through narrow waterways, drinks by the pool, the power of a great meal and everything strange, mysterious and unforgettable about a new destination.

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Hi there, my name is Colin McParland

I'm a web developer living in Victoria, BC. I'm passionate about creating beautiful, functional, uncluttered websites and web applications. I work with small businesses, agencies and individuals to help achieve their web dreams!  Feel free to drop me a line using the form below.

* Or contact me directly at colin@tinybird.ca

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